Get grateful.

Let us help you make your next event shine with gratitude.  We offer a wide range of options to bring Grateful Sons to you.  


bring gratitude to your ice cream aisle

Grateful Sons ice cream is on a mission to make ice cream meaningful. 

Let us reinvent your ice cream aisle by bringing in our pint-sized flavors of Grateful Sons ice cream.

Our 100% real, authentic ingredient ice cream is crazy-delicious, and intent on being the ice cream parents can say yes to.

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the grateful sons mobile experience

We bring our Grateful Sons tent, and mobile set-up, to your next large scale event, festival, concert, party, or whatever you can dream up.

If it has parents, and kids there - we want to be there to help.

We offer a range of possibilities including scooping fresh ice cream on the spot, or serving our 3 oz pre-packed ice cream on the scene.

We want to help.

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mobile experience please contact



bring gratitude to your menu

We offer gallon-sized commercial distribution partnerships to enable you to offer families a reason to say yes to dessert.

Family meals out are memorable occasions, and Grateful Sons wants to help them be meaningful as well.

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